Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So far so good.

Wish there were stand-alone pages, wordpress style.

And the template editing isn't really drag and drop. You have to first find a template that has the basic structure you want, then mess with that. It is WYSIWYG, though. What I'll probably do is wait for them to enable the editing of the html, then use that to really tweak things.

The widgets. Can't see a gap right now. Will try and mess with that.

Ooh. And the best* bit? No "republish!" Yay!

*Aside from categories, that is. Which has us unabashedly going whoopdidoo and whatnot.


Hanisha Vaswani said...

Nice :)

Salil said...

No republish? Velly nice! :)

shivam said...

why peter, WHY, don't you shift to Wordpress?

And what a vulgar title of this blog, don't have baap-bhai or what??

zigzackly said...

Wordpress has seriously sucky issues too, Shivam. (And I refer to's hosting, not a wordpress install on one's own server). The collaboration sucks, the templates are rather limited, and they don't allow you to mess with your own template.

There are many plusses to blogspot. If they get off their butts and fill in some gaps—pages, most notably—blogger will continue to rule.

And you consider a homage to one of the most sacred conventions in Hindi film vulgar? Tsk, tsk.